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Dear Parents

Parents please help us ensure that you child is adhering to our dress code. Cargo pants, stretch pants and joggers, pants with elastic on the bottom cuff are not permitted at HMTCA.  Also, high school students must wear blue sweaters and middle school student may only wear Dark Blue HMTCA or Plain sweater shirts, hoodies or sweater.  No other color sweaters or sweat shirts for any student is permitted.  Parents/guardians please ensure that your child is following our dress code guidelines.  Students must always wear their collar uniform shirt and blue or khaki color pants. 

Please review the upcoming HMTCA events listed below.


HMTCA Upcoming Events:

Thursday, April 28th                              Middle School Project Showcase

Tuesday, May 3rd                                  Progress Reports Close

Tuesday, May 3rd                                  AP Spanish Test

Wednesday, May 4th                            Spring Financial Aid Night 6:30 PM @ Library

Wednesday, May 4th                            AP Lit & Comp Test

Thursday, May 5th                                PTO Mtg. 6:30 PM

Friday, May 6th                                     What’s Brewing at HMCTA? Coffee with the  
                                                               Principal 7:30 – 8:30 AM

Monday, May 9th                                  Governance Mtg 5:30 PM

Wednesday, May 11th                          AP Lang & Comp Test

Thursday, May 12th                              Progress Reports Distributed

Thursday, May 12th                              AP World Hist / Gov & Poli Test

Friday, May 13th                                   COMPASS Dance


From the Principal

Parent Drop off lane and pick up:
A.M. Drop off pleases pull forward, all the way up in in the drop off lane.  Stopping in the beginning of the drop off lane holds up traffic and blocks the Vernon & Broad intersection.  Please pull all the way to the front of the drop of lane.  Pick up is in the Broad Street cut out.  

High School Parents:  Our new high school office will be open for high school student business on Tuesday, January 19th.  High School Parents/guardians please use the Broad St. high school entrance to pick up or drop off your student.  All student business including attendance notes, early dismissals, forms, bus passes, etc. will be handled for all grade 9 -12 students in our new high school office. 

(Use the Broad Street Entrance to access the HMTCA High School Office)